For the Love of Legos


I couldn’t get around this word this week: COALESCE!

Straight outta’ Webster:

Coalesce as a verb: “to come together to form one group or mass.”

In the spirit of reflections…once we let down the walls that separate us from each other…we coalesce, we unite, we see each other as we are: a true reflection of our potential. And our identity of the other, the other part of our whole is clarified. In “Imatard, Uatard, Avatard” I chatted with you all about being a reflection of the other, a reflection of the tribe you are connected to. Consequently, this community forms a mass; a mass of distinction and identification. “I see you-I see me” remember?  This reflection is a part of us, our whole.

On the other side, when we think of our own thoughts, elements and visions as separate from the whole, we may feel less connected, and isolated. Albert Einstein calls this a sort of “optical delusion” or seeing things as you want to see them not as they really are. He is referring to the idea that when not truly connecting to the whole we see ourselves as separate (which may feel easier, better and more protected) yet the realization is that you are a part of a mass of interconnectedness and this aspect, once realized is what really IS.

Woo. Take a deep breath. That was heavy, huh? Nice job working through that one with me.

NOW: To escape the imprisonment of this optical delusion or wanting to remain in the thought that you are better off alone, isolated or separate: Widen your circle and embrace all that you are and all that you are apart of. I see you-I see me. Right? When, we accept this statement, “I see you-I see me” we are able to connect energetically with the other parts of our universe, the other parts of our whole, the other parts of our sum. Embrace who you are and therefore, embrace who they are, who we are. No room for optical delusions in this space. I accept you seeing me. I see you…accepted.

Coalesce, as an intransitive verb means: (if you don’t know what an intransitive verb is, other than my brother, it is ok. I don’t know what it is either. But the definition is radical.

“to grow together; to fuse:
to unite into a whole:
to unite for a common end:
to arise from the combination of distinct elements”

I put all the above definitions into one sentence to make one magic statement:

“We grow TOGETHER and fuse to unite into a whole, for a common end, to arise from the combination of distinct elements.”

That deserves to be underlined and italicized! Put that one on a post-it on your wall! Doesn’t that sound really compelling? And comfortable? Or uncomfortable? Ask yourself?

I may use that sentence as my personal mission statement. We can look at this aspect of coalescence in regards to others, but also in regards to our own life. When going through the journey of our lifetime, we may feel broken, separate parts of our own body and self.

Over the past 18 months, I have focused on putting this puzzle together to encapsulate who Rebecca is. I totally vibe with that sentence above as, I have fused my separate identities, and feel more centered, grounded and connected with my divine self, than ever in my entire lifetime. Thanks be to a divorce and a process of self reflection and discovery that I allowed MYSELF to mold into. I now am able to believe in my perspicacious gifting. And utilize this part of me in my field of work and in my personal life.

(Please check out: “Inner-tubing” and “A-wake” if you haven’t read those yet. They will explain a bit more about my path of self discovery.)

Stop and take a moment to ask yourself:  “Who am in the midst of this whole?” Whether this whole you are referring to is finding your part of the whole or in regards to YOU and your own personal fusion. Who are you wholly? THIS IS A GREAT QUESTION TO ASK YOURSELF! Accordingly, when counter parts are found, internally and externally, as we all stumble across them on our journey, coalescence occurs.

Albert Einstein wasn’t the only intellect probing around his brain for radical developments into our psyche. Aristotle, that sneaky, smart little devil…did you know he taught Alexander the Great? And a pupil of Plato? My goodness. He was a genius sandwich.

Aristotle’s most known quote:

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”

This reflects: I am greater because of YOU. I am a better Rebecca Laser because of the legos I have included in my foundation, my building blocks, my inter-connected team. And just like legos, this life, and fusion of our whole, is a step by step process. It is one lego at a time, until you have discovered the cabin you are perfectly connected to. To build the cabin of a lifetime, turn on your light, and look into this space…imagine it as perfectly molded, perfectly executed, perfectly synthesized. You made this lego mansion. You created this coalescence of building blocks. You did. YOU DID IT!

And remember: Without your inner light, you will have no inner sight. So, like Motel 6,  I’ll leave the light on.



Imatard. Uatard. Avatard.

As promised…


I really love to blog. I have discovered a part of me that has been liberated. Thee artist unravelled. I love to write. I am ignited and inspired to riff and share my words with the world. The word “riff” comes from a man I met a few months ago that blew my mind with his “riffing” as he called it. He just let his words flow from his lips and meet his listeners right where they were. Thank you Chris T.

Writing, I have discovered, is a true honor, privilege and CHALLENGE that I do not take for granted. Probably one of the most challenging activities I have ever done…weekly. I have experienced a smidgen of what “writer’s block” must be like. Ryan-I admire and respect your work, your art, your craft more now than I EVER have been able to even remotely comprehend. I love you. I value you. You are my muse.

Authenticity, “leading at scale”( what I am bringing to you in Still Playin’ With ItLast week, I was not in a blogging space…so I shared with you all where I was, what my inspiration was and for a little telepathic help from my readers. I knew, I just knew, in my heart that when it was time I would riff. 

And here you go…

I was looking up reflections on-line to gather a little knowledge regarding images in our brains and how they are reflected back to us as objects or some type of matter. Our brains are wild! I won’t even go into the way our brains process information to see, or utilizes light and how the images reflect from the inside out. Mind blowing and powerful processes. Look it up, really. It is worthy knowledge to hold when you start tapping into what is actually happening in our bodies. Know yourself. As interesting as this is, today we will look at reflections from a more social aspect than a biologic aspect.

Reflection is a compound topic. One that I will break down into a few different blogs over the next few weeks.  For today, we will look at our reflection as a part of what we receive from others: I am a reflection of you. You are a reflection of me. We are a reflection of we.

Have you ever stared at someone intensely? Or “Gazing” as my mentor calls it. In couples therapy, this is a homework assignment we give to couples to allow them to connect. Eye to eye contact is one the thee greatest aspects of human connection and mammalian abilities. We can tap into the other immediately by “gazing” into their eyes. Eye contact is intense, hence the reason some people can’t look you in the eye. But, a powerful way to tap into others and into yourself. How comfortable are you when looking in someones eyes? Oh my…or when you are with someone you are seriously connected with and the eye contact itself puts you over the edge. It is like I tripped over a curb in my mind.

You want to connect more to others: make eye contact with them. Be present with them. I am not speaking of staring contests or crossed-eyed competitions here. Not that those aren’t ridiculously funny…Wanna see me cross eyed? It’s pretty funny…(Hey Chips?) I am speaking of tapping into the other by utilizing what you have: your eyes, your sight, your mirror.

Mirror neurons are a real thing in our brains. (Ok, a little biology) These little neurons fire when connecting with something in your sight…an object, a person, an experience, an accident. According to the American Psychology Association, Mirror Neurons are: “a neuron that fires both when an animal acts and when the animal observes the same action performed by another. Thus, the neuron “mirrors” the behavior of the other, as though the observer were itself acting.”

These organic components of our species are available for your gazing pleasure. Increase your awareness of these little feelers that we are able to tap into, connect with and grow from. You are with a friend and they get tears in their eyes, and so do you. Aw, the ability to connect with another. Priceless.

Sociologically speaking: We are a reflection of the company we keep.  I learned early on from my parents that our reputation at times can be all we have. The tribe you surround yourself with is a reflection of YOU. Who do YOU want to be? Who do YOU want to represent? Who are YOU when YOU are with those people you hang with?

Marc Chernoff wrote in his blog “30 Things to Start Doing for Yourself:”

1. Start spending time with the right people. – These are the people you enjoy, who love and appreciate you, and who encourage you to improve in healthy and exciting ways.  They are the ones who make you feel more alive, and not only embrace who you are now, but also embrace and embody who you want to be, unconditionally.” (Link to website)

What an amazing truth. One to stop and think about…

To the amazing souls who are my true reflection: I love you. I would attempt a list, but it would be ridiculous. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. My utmost gratitude for the reflection you have left in my soul.

“I see you.” Avatar hit it on the head with this aspect of the film. Reflections are an “I see you-I see me” experience. Could you imagine instead of saying, “Hello.” we say, “I see you-I see me.” Hard to imagine, but profound in the intention of the thought. Especially when capturing the art of gazing.

So…the poem I left in my last “quickie” blog, I wrote again below…and added to it to incorporate the reflections of today…

“It is me that you see. (I am a reflection of you.)

Nobody but me. (and you.)

Who do I dare to be? (I dare you to be you and I will be me and we can be we.)

Nobody but me.” (And YOU are YOU and I am I.) 

Prost to the true essence of reflection: To see and be seen.

Until then…I SEE YOU-I SEE ME.


Stop Staring at Me Swan

My vision and inspiration for my next blog is regarding “Reflections.”. I would love my readers to send me (telepathically) your thoughts or ideas on “reflection” and what that word brings up for you. What does this word mean to you? What does it ignite in you? What is a reflection?

I wrote this poem when I was 20…it will be the theme and muse of my next blog…

“It is me that you see.

Nobody but me.

Who do I dare to be?

Nobody but me. “

Heres to the moments that we are a true reflection of our own divine self.

See you soon! I promise.

Love, Rebecca


Beer Tap Reflections…while in Venice, Italy…with my Aussie friend, Josh. Salute!

How to kick ass in one easy step!

I am sitting in a Starbucks on Sunset BLVD this am. To get here, I had to weave around the detour for a race happening on Hollywood BLVD. Apropos for today’s blog…


On your marks…Get set…GO!!!!

First thing that we encounter as we leave our mother’s body? Breath. Last thing we experience as we take off to our next space? Breath. And every moment in between? Breath.

But we must also believe in it’s power to support our goals and dreams. What I mean is this: Look at your breath as your building block. You want to increase your pace, speed or endurance in exercise, practice focusing on your breath. You want to decrease anxiety or stress levels, practice. You want to be more attentive in your meditation practice and enjoy deeper thoughts, practice connecting to your vitality, your breath. Like the one listed below… 🙂

Deep Thoughts By Jack Handey:

“If a kid asks where rain comes from, I think a cute thing to tell him is “God is crying.” And if he asks why God is crying, another cute thing to tell him is “Probably because of something you did.”

Step one: Breathe with intention.

What is intention? One view of intention: higher consciousness thought. When you hold an intention you actually call forth your conscious awareness at a present level.That is it. We, as humans, as spiritual beings, have the ability to find our present moment, our presence, in a breath. We have the POWER to calm our nerves through a breath. We have the ability to increase our heart rate at a pace that our breath can assist in reaching. We have the design to expand lung capacity and maintain a steady heart rate by…breathing.

Let’s try it together: (Come on. Just do it.) Inhale through your nose to a count of 10, or 11 or 50 for heavens sake…just pick a slow paced inhale… slowly, as slow as you possibly can. NOW STOP. Before you exhale, which we normally do quite quickly from this point, become exquisitely aware and now…exhale…AS slowly and consciously as you inhaled. Get grounded again before you inhale…now consciously inhale again, SLOWLY. Maybe give your breath a color. Visualize this colored air oxygenating your body from the base of your spine, up through each vertebrae, filling your lungs, enlarging your rib cage…this vibrant breath swirling around your heart space and moving up into your skull and swirling around that beautiful brain of yours…and out the crown of your head. Wow. Did you see that?

Someone once shared with me how he meditates and I really appreciated it (Thank you LS): As you exhale, visualize yourself squishing down to the smallest molecular form of you, like you were a speck of dust, a particle of sand, an electron, an atom, a quark! (yes, look that one up). Then as you inhale, imagine yourself expanding to a ginormous form of YOU. Like you could engulf all of Texas with your amazing mass. NOW HOLD IT. And consciously exhale as you transform this immensely sized being into the smallest, tiniest form of YOU. Breath in…lungs expand, oxygen increasing the expansiveness WE formulated with those moments that WE created. You did. You created that moment of intention of YOUR breath.

Do we have to focus on our breath? No. See, your ANS-Autonomic Nervous System- will continue to breath FOR you. Most ANS mechanisms are involuntary. The ANS acts as a “control system” that functions below the level of consciousness even. Beautifully and intricately formed in our being, the ANS assists us when we are unaware of our design. Thank you ANS! Sometimes I forget to breath…and am able to simply allow this visceral function to be. We can bring precision to this valuable force by utilizing our focus.

Spirituality of Breath: In most, dare I say all, traditions, spirit means breath. The spirit in us and the spirit through us is breath. Do you believe that you have the power to connect with your spirit through your breath? Again, maybe try that exercise a few more times really focusing on your spirit, god, God, whatever connects your spiritually to you. Pray as you practice this breath. Meditate as you breath with awareness. And gratitude. Let us be grateful for this tool in our belt.

PranaYAMA is prana-YUMMY!

Pranayama is a Sanskrit word meaning: extension of the prana or breath. Or extension of the life force. Breath equals life force. Therefore, that kick ass step I was selling you on in my title: Breath is life force. Breath is energy. Breath is our life. Breath is the key to awareness, presence and adaptation even to stress, yes? Breath is our fuel. (And a little plug for Yoga. Sometimes the only place in this world I can be present is on my mat…while I am focusing on the breath that centers my practice.)

I included a picture of myself from the 5k I ran last Sunday. Just a little 3.10686 mile run along the coast…I was inspired to riff about breath because of this race. The reason I crossed the finish line was because of my breath. My breath fueled me, increased my pace when needed and slowed my stride, too. My breath was with me the entire way. As well, breath is what linked me to the other stars racing that day. We all have breath, we all have life while we are still breathing, and this connects us as humans. From the beginning to the end. From the start to the finish line. This race…this pace. I’m ready to execute. Are you?

Our bodies, designed in greatness, will always hold our breath…so you don’t have to. Let it flow. 


Step two: THERE AIN’T NO STEP TWO. Just breath 🙂