Bringin’ it



“Any great warrior is also a scholar, and a poet, and an artist.” -Steven Seagal


If you read me often you know I bring it. I bring it raw. I reflect YOU. I speak truth to the best of my conscious ability…so I flow…I riff…I create…with my Warrior Poet love…

This week I stumbled upon some inner knowledge I knew was there but haven’t fully understood. The picture above is of Khaleesi from Game of Thrones. That picture basically describe what I am speaking of:

IMG_1562A ” Pixy Fairy Warrior” in the midst of a militant population with the air of war. And I love it. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Because this is my purpose right fucking now. My act of service is to give my love and Fairy light to all I am with and see.

“I see you. I see me.” -From Imatard. Uatard. Avatard. No matter the outer appearance or garb I wear, I am a reflection of you at my core.

This heart of a warrior disguised and embodied in the form of a fairy brings up some major energetic incongruence. But guess what? AWARENESS is the key element to this life of yin and yang. Ups and downs. Confusion and grounding.

Step 1: AWARENESS!download

Step 2. Continued Awareness

Step 3: Celebrate being AWARE!

“I am aware!” (Right Lt. FGO?! Love to you in Oki, woman!) 

I think the peace in my situation comes through this compassionate knowledge. Understanding myself as I have “sifted in to me” the past three years has made the ride a little more comfortable. You can read a little of my story in my dear friend and guru’s book: Yoga: Midlife Pain Relief Secrets  at Catherine Mazur dot com.

e10f95343460f41db1743bda37dcd1ceMy words in print! Seeing my words in print has made this lil’ Pixy Fairy Warrior’s heart burst into a tornado of fairy dust!

As I show up daily and check in with myself, I am able through my own INNER and OUTER AWARENESS, to know who I am, where I am and what I am longing for:

My Tagline: Rebecca Laser: Travelin’ the World and Kickin’ Ass. 

My Mantra: I will write. I will travel. I will teach.

My Pixy Fairy Warrior Philosophy: I will reach, teach and empower people to live this life to their full, desired and optimal ability.

Utilize my tagline, mantra and philosophy as a template to create yours. Share it with me at Rebecca Laser dot com or through this cute little blog I have. If you are a new reader, please read my first riff to get a little insight into me and Still Playin’ With It.

And Remember…

Zion: YOUR World to Come! Create IT!

Stepping in to the unknown can be, well scary, to say the least. What is next? Who will be there? How? What? When? Whether by pure exhaustion or the monotony of their current circumstance, I often experience people finally ready to explore their WORLD TO COME. And get out of their own way! They are ready. Ready to stop the feedback loops in their mind. Ready to dig deep. Ready to sift more in to who they are to be in their NEW WORLD TO COME!  – My Afflatus


“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

-Benjamin Franklin