“We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.” Mother Teresa


Good Day Still Playin With It Posse!

I riffed last time in: It’s A Bird! on being your own Super Hero  and how you can be all you desire! From a brilliant power pose to using your mind to create those powers! Remember? Did you take a moment to reflect on your Super Hero List?

Thank you for the feed back on this blog. I was tickled to hear how it inspired you and made you think and even feel POWERFUL!

IMG_3177Super Heroes don’t live simple lives do they? Or do they? I imagine Wonder Woman had a part of her that went home and had a sexy, simple dinner with her man, or watched the sunset with her best friend…

This morning I have been inspired by the simple things. Someone once said to me, “It is the simple things I love.” (Twaves) I think we have all heard this before. But as I, myself, pondered the statement, I was taken back to what the simple things are in my life. AND I am grateful for the people that remind me of this important aspect of life.

Some of my favorite simple pleasures are:

IMG_4627Coffee, Fro Yo, Quarters, bike rides, holding hands, making eye contact, candles, exercising, sunsets, airplane mode, long drives, music, corn tortillas, making dinner with the people I love while we chat and discuss the day, Sylvia, connection, beer, the view from my spot, my tree, my heartbeat, water, pillows, fuzzy blankets, high fives, funny movies, getting off the grid, fist pumps, a phone call with my parents and friends in Oregon and around the World…

What are the simple things in your life that you can go to to make you smile? Write them out and have them accessible. In those moments that we are staring at that “ledgie” 😉 wondering what is next…come back to YOUR BREATH, then to the MOMENT, then to what you have at your fingertips right now that will ignite that feeling of worth, and gratification.

IMG_8921The most impactful simple things are within the moments I share with the people in my life. The above picture is a prime example. As I jogged around Gili Trawangan off the coast of Bali, I ran past these gorgeous local women. All it took was a smile and a high five to bring joy to ALL our faces. Like a little smooch to our hearts. 

As Mother Teresa quoted above, we never may know what a smile does to a soul, but we can be assured of one scientific FACT! The mirror neurons we hold within our brain, will contagiously cause an effect and a chemical will be ignited that WILL bring some sort of positive effect on the other. Like a little kiss to the brain. IMG_6976

As I hiked Potato Chip Rock last week, I set the intention to smile at everyone I passed on the trail…and everyone smiled back! Like a little peck to one another’s soul. It can make the next step of the climb a little better.

I share these moments with you to remind you that you have it ALL within you. I know you hear me say that a lot because it is an unbelievable, at times, TRUTH!  I just said it to one of my Marines yesterday! Practice the simple things and the “big” things will come.

“A little ember is still a fire.” -Rebecca Laser

Within the moments we share and experience is breath. That simple, yet highly complex mechanism in our bodies is the true life source of our creation. Breath is so sweet and such a gift. Yes? Check out this riff to see how I explain the power of Kicking Ass through YOUR breath…How to Kick Ass in One Easy Step.


The woman to my left is an amazing super hero in my life and finished her first ever 5-k! Talk about an honor to watch that simple Sunday morning exercise become a blaze within her! I am so proud of you, Goddess!


What little kiss can you bring to your life today? What little smoochie can you give to another through a simple act of life…I dare you.




It’s a Bird!

“It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.” -Batman


I NEVER thought this topic would cause me such an immense vortex of ideas. My little mind has been swirling with this theme for a month now. So I am just gonna GO FOR IT!

I have had numerous heroes sit in my office the past year at Camp Pendleton. I was raised by two Super Heroes. My brother was ALWAYS Superman. Everywhere we went when we were kids…he had his cape on.  IMG_6027

How many of you have a cape? A sword? A saber? A wand? I know you do. Somewhere in your stash of costumes lies a powerful Super HERO weapon. An item that when you put it on or hold it…you feel POWERFUL! You feel a little MORE than you felt the moment before.

A disguise. A way to feel more powerful while possibly hiding the part of you that you don’t like? Or are you SO powerful you are afraid to share this with the world in fear of rejection, or “bragging”? God forbid you share this powerful side of YOU with all you see and touch? Do we need to disguise our POWERS to not intimidate or make others feel less?superhero_04“Oh SHIT! There you go Rebecca Laser! You can’t just keep it about Super Hero powers and comic book legends?! You gotta go DEEP?!”


YEP! Still Playin’ With IT! Right? I wouldn’t be the best ME I could be without CHALLENGING YOU! You’re welcome. 😉

So, back to a disguise. A disguise literally is defined as: “a means of altering one’s appearance or concealing one’s identity.”

IMG_1174Why conceal your YOU? YOUR POWER! Why disguise the BEST parts of you to minimize your YOU? POWER POSE, right?

So what is it? What is your super power? Or one you want to improve? IF you are actually reading this I want you to STOP RIGHT NOW. Well, read this part…haha. Don’t just speed read to check this off your list. Take a moment, a minute, a fucking few seconds to allow this to be a vehicle to learn from, build on and tap in to that SUPER HERO within! Ok. Read on.

“You will find only what you bring in.” – Yoda

YOU will find only what you bring in. And I would add to the wisdom of Yoda, suggesting, that you already have it within. You must find, mold and refine it. That powerful spot in your core where the energy flows within you. IT IS THERE. 

Experiment: Take both your hands right now and place them on top of each other on your lower abdomen. Breath in. Breath out. Feel the strength inside increase as you focus on your power house. It is truly about connecting to your inner Yoda. Your inner Batman. Your inner Super woman! Do it NOW!

“Use your feelings, Obi-Wan, and find him you will.” -Yoda

IMG_5839BE COURAGEOUS! A true warrior is courageous enough to be who they truly are.

Luke Skywalker had to focus and believe in his power to truly ignite the force. He focused. He got frustrated. He pushed through. He conquered. Are you ready to ignite YOUR force?

I believe you are. It has been an utter theme in my practice in 2016. ALL my clients are ready and willing to get off the merry go round of complacency! A little ember is still a fire.

khaleesiSo I ask you this: What is your WHY? Your why is surrounding you. What is driving you? What is the force within you? What part of the epic Hero’s Journey are you on? Remember the Hero’s Journey I spoke extensively on a while ago? CHECK IT: Hero I Go

HAVE YOU ACCEPTED THE CALL?! ARE YOU FOLLOWING YOUR BLISS? These are radical questions that Joseph Campbell brilliantly describes in his Hero’s Journey. Check this LINK for more understanding. DO IT. It is worth it. This WILL inspire you.


“Heroes are made by the path THEY choose. Not by the powers they are graced with.” -Ironman 

Super Hero List:

What is your power stance?



What will you do and why?

What is your theme song?

What is your Super Duper Name?

I challenge you to think about your Dubyas again this week…in regards to the Super Hero within! And as always, let me know your thoughts and how this impacted your life today!

“Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.” -Batman