“Flying starts from the ground. The more grounded you are, the higher you fly.” J.R. Rim


Hey there all you amazing readers of Still Playin With It! I am utterly humbled each week when I see hits coming from countries throughout this world. This week I have seen Slovakia, New Zealand, Brazil, Qatar, Slovenia, Singapore and Italy! Even though I may not know your face, I know your presence. I am thankful for each one of you. I hope Still Playin With It has inspired you to move.

IMG_2888Last time I riffed about being the dancer doing YOUR dance. Did you create your playlist of your life? I know my dad did. And if my 70 year old amazing father can create a playlist to his life…SO CAN YOU! (I love you, Poppy! You are my heart. You are my hero. You are my light.)

If anything, I hope you daydreamed about what makes your heart skip a beat. Or pondered what makes you FEEL. Or considered a moment in time that inspired you to move. Or delighted in a memory from your past that brought a smile to your face.

IMG_5422Did someone say SMILE? Smilings my favorite! >>(Waves) Smiling is a magical experience. Not only does the brain fire chemicals that make you feel good. It also floods the observer with similar chemicals in their own brain! What?! Neurons that fire both when we observe and when we take part in an action are called mirror neurons. When we see someone smile, mirror neurons simulate our own smiling. A simple view of another person smiling triggers a whole series of changes in our brain and autonomic nervous system. Let alone a sweet visceral response that may change someones day.

Take out a note pad right now and write our how you feel when someone smiles at you? What about that cute guy at the gym? Or a stranger at the bus stop? That little kid at Walmart? Or the president of your company? Smiling has impact on the masses and it can change someones day. It can alter their outlook and situation. I promise. Try it.

IMG_0739EXPERIMENT TIME…You know how I like my experiments! When I first moved to Carlsbad I went down to the boardwalk and decided to test this fine little city. I smiled at EVERYONE I saw to see how many I got back. AND EVERYONE I SMILED AT SMILED BACK. Life’s Rad in Carlsbad. Next time you go somewhere…and that will probably be today, try smiling at everyone you see. Make INTENTIONAL eye contact with them and SMILE! See how many you get back.  See how you feel. Watch it. Observe it. Feel it. (I am excited for you!)

This week: I want you to Dance. Then Smile. Then feel the jams within you! Then…Take Root! Move those limbs around and then feel them root into the majesty of your life at this moment. After you shake IMG_3264your shit up, take a breath and feel the vibe. Then imagine that vibration rooting down into the ground, into the Earth. Watch it. Experience this energy tackling the battle you are in. That is why you see me do this all the time>>>>>>>
It is a powerful and grounding position. Open to the world yet grounded into the Earth! And you know I am SMILING simultaneously. Fucking trifecta! Send me a shot of you doing this Rebecca Laser Power Pose! Prove to yourself that you have it ALL WITHIN YOU.

Oh! And Segways! Segways make EVERYONE SMILE!

Move! Be Present! Look Inward! Look Outward! Seek! Find! Search! Stop! Go!

For god’s sake Rebecca Laser! What the hell do you want from me?

D. Smorgasbord. 😉 IMG_0375

I want it ALL from you. ALL THEE ABOVE PEOPLE!

Yes, I want you to create your dance and move! I also challenge you to be inspired by your situation, your circumstance, your pain, your F.G.O’s! I want you to take hold of your life and make small steps to achieve a feeling you have been longing for. Maybe it is simply to smile again. You can do it.

Lastly, who makes you smile. Who in your life ignites a response in you that creates a curling effect to the sides of your mouth? Go BE WITH THEM. Allow your Mirror Neurons to fire and PLAY! Love and be Love.

These Babes…I love you. Thanks for making me smile.



IMG_6055 IMG_5855 IMG_1906




IMG_0847 IMG_6830 IMG_0015IMG_5061IMG_5704IMG_6910

Next week: The Power of YOUR Roots.

Love, Rebecca


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