Milestone Monday

Dedicated to my MOTHER: THANK YOU for all of YOU! For giving all of YOU, loving with all of YOU, and supporting with all of YOU. Thank you, Mom. 


Why is it that we must have a HUGE event in our life to feel like we hit a milestone? What is a milestone?

“Milestone” according to Webster is:

 an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development.

You hit a “Milestone” this am by waking up, feet hitting the floor and taking steps towards your day. A milestone to me may be different than for you. So honor each milestone in your life today. No matter how minuscule it feels or insignificant you want to believe it is. I truly believe if we saw each moment and day as significant we would enjoy the ride more. Agree?

IMG_2585Yesterday as I walked with a beautiful sage in my life (thank you BSM), we were riffing about many insightful topics. One being this: We are ALWAYS moving forward. ALWAYS. Whether in circles, or to the left, right or with our back to the wind. Forward is where we will end up. What is backwards? It is still movement to where you are to be in that moment. Plus, why would you want to walk backwards? Why would you choose to cruise this world backwards? It would be confusing. You would be blind and clumsy. Lacking confidence. Falling numerous times while bumping into people and items in your backwards path. Let alone the probability that you WILL get hurt is quite high. Yes?

SPWI Challenge #1 for Milestone Monday:

Walk all day backwards. Let me know how it goes. 


When I do walking lunges at the gym, my angst increases a smidgen as I practice them backwards. If you
TRUST yourself and take your time, it is much easier to go somewhere you can’t see with your eyes. Therefore, when I lunge backwards, I take a deep breath, keep my abs engaged intensely and trust my process. If I wobble, or have to put the other leg down…it is ok.

SPWI Challenge #2 for Milestone Monday:IMG_2123

20 lunges forward and

10 lunges backwards…

and how about we add in 5 to the right and 5 to the left. 


IN the spirit of MONDAY: this day in the week that seems to have a consistent feeling of: “UGH!” As well as, the MILESTONES we WILL create today, I am bringing you my acronym for T.G.I.M!



When is the last time you were tickled? Come on. Get to tickling yourself. Just the word “tickle” makes us smile. So TICKLE AWAY!!


What will you deliberately GENERATE today? A phone call? A feeling? A completed goal?


FEELING NO FEAR! What does FEAR stand for? You are courageous! Don’t forget that!


MOVE YOUR BODY PEOPLE! Physically and mentally! Commit to moving today.

MILESTONES come through MOVEMENT! ALWAYS FORWARD! (except when you are doing Challenge #2 today) 😉


What is your T.G.I.M acronym today going to be? And/Or PLEASE use the one I created and ponder the ways you are going to be:


Lastly, to the RAD WOMEN in my life that I am honored to think of as wise, open, and generous “Moms”: My UTMOST respect and gratitude! You KNOW who you are. Terimah Kasih Women!


“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” Benjamin Franklin


2 thoughts on “Milestone Monday

  1. Love it! Reminds me of “DIG deep.” I love acronyms give a new meaning to a simple word. That one word or a few letters becomes mantra 🙂


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