“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” -George Bernard Shaw 

As you may have read in my last post I recently celebrated my One Year Anniversary of writing my blog: Still Playin’ With It. Within the last two months, my life has taken a shift with a new job. One that I am so very proud to be doing. This new chapter has encapsulated my mosaic and solidified the masterpiece within. Amongst the other F.G.O’s! (just wait…I will explain this acronym below!) I have found a deep love of ACRONYMS!

IMG_2043These F.G.O’s are simultaneously teaching me valuable lessons, and wiping me out mentally and physically. Please don’t hear this as bad. And don’t hear it as good. It just is. With new jobs, experiences, relationships, etc., comes adjustment. If not aware of and a bit cautious, we may become exhausted. I tend to jump in with all of me and then some. I have learned the hard way at times how to slow down. Like a GONG TO MY HEAD in BALI...I sometimes have to be wiped out to slow down. Hmmmm….not the best recipe! I am aware. 🙂

But a gorgeous opportunity for me and YOU to learn from. Or an…

F.G.O.=Fucking Growth Opportunity.

F.G.O’s are real. They are a way the universe gets our attention when we don’t want to listen. Or can’t hear because of the inundation of stimuli this world brings. Every experience and interaction is an F.G.O.

Every one? Sure. Why not?! Why not look at this world with the lens of: “What am I here to hear?” “What am I to experience RIGHT NOW?” This is a small shift, but a precious one. Or, as my dear friend and guide (LN) said:

“How about shifting your mindset from: 

What is happening TO YOU. 


What am I intended to learn from these experiences?”

Stop! Right NOW…for one moment. Please let that sift in. Let this thought resonate.

If we believe all moments in this season of our yummy, adventurous, and sometimes awkwardly painful life are an F.G.O, then we are able to allow the process of life to unfold a little more gently. And these F.G.Os will be a hell of a lot more exhilarating! Like I have said before in a few of my favorite posts:


That doesn’t mean they aren’t painfully difficult sometimes. It is these times that you utilize your resources. Call a friend, a parent, a sibling. Pray. Ask for support. Go for a run. Sign up for a random 5k. Do something that you know is good for your soul. Yoga. Meditate. Spend some QT with your pet or favorite human being. Take another moment and make your resource list. When you aren’t feeling lovable, who can you call to love on you? I bet you can think of 3 things right now that would pick you up when you are down. Just sayin’. IMG_1678

I am excited for this shift to happen in YOU! I am hopeful that when you open your eyes to all experiences and interactions as F.G.O‘s, what you will see. And maybe, just maybe, your life will flow a little more smoothly.

When traveling through Europe and Bali solo, F.G.O‘s are EVERYWHERE! One, because when traveling alone, your eyes, heart and mind are open to all around you. No distraction. Two, you are vulnerable. Yes. That word we all are afraid of: Vulnerability! More like: COURAGEOUS! And open to all that the world is there to teach you in each moment. That F#*@-ing cave! Right?!

F.G.O‘s may be tainted by F.E.A.R. (For more on this radical acronym click link.)

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

This F.E.A.R keeps you paralyzed by a bunch of bullshit that feels real, but truly isn’t. I elaborate on what our brain does with this F.E.A.R in If You Build It and a few other blogs.


Challenge those F.E.A.Rs. And if you don’t have the energy to challenge them, simply watch them. With curiosity. Like waves. Allow them to come in and go out. See them as an F.G.O. Experience them with the guidance of grace within and not with the energy of F.E.A.R.

Lastly, here is this weeks challenge from Still Playin’ With It:

-Develop an acronym in your life. Your name. A word you find powerful. Share it with me. 

Thank you immensely for being true to yourself. Thank you for reading me. Thank you for being the best part of Still Playin’ With It! Love, Rebecca


“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” Benjamin Franklin

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