A Great Resolve

“All great achievements require time.” Maya Angelou


I mean, lets be honest. We ALL know what A “New Years Resolution” is. Right? Remember the resolution you wrote out on a post-it note on December 31st? And we have all set out January 1st with these amazing goals. 24-Hour-Fitness is hopping the first two weeks of January. Stocks rise at every gym across America and cigarette stocks take a dive. Within weeks the flippity-flop happens and we are smoking again and not working out. What will it take for YOU to remain the course?

IMG_0586A “resolution” whether January 1, or May 11, is nothing more than a commitment to yourself.  A commitment to CREATE the life you want by taking small steps and inquiring into what will get you there. A great commitment it is. I am not demeaning New Years Resolutions! Any way to get you where you want to go is commendable! As well, the new year seems to have a feel of a new starting point. Out with the old, in with the new! So, what are you throwing out? What stains are you removing to create space and flow for the infancy of a new life?

First, I pose this question: How does it feel to be a scientist? A Chef? A creator? A mother? A father? You are the ultimate creator of an amazing 2015. What are you thinking 2015 is going to bring into your life? Nothing, I say. Because, like I mentioned in Expecting Greatness, I want you to think of what YOU are going to create and expect in 2015!

Now that you are in the know that YOU are the mad scientist behind the petrie dish of 2015, tell me what your dreams are.  Does your post-it note include:


1.Lose Weight

2.Quit Smoking

3.Go to church

4.Get a better job


6.Save Money


These are all very common ones…with good reason.  So, today, lets look at these resolutions a little differently, shall we? Will you join me? Can you look at resolutions from a different frame of mind?

By definition, according to Webster, a “resolution” can be defined as:

the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem, etc.

:the act of resolving something.

IMG_4618YEW! I like that! Therefore, if we looked at a NEW YOU, one that IS DEFINITELY Expecting Greatness in 2015 my second query becomes:

“What are you going to resolve in 2015?”

Resolution is the act or process of resolving. The act of answering, determining and making something outrageously complex become simpler. SO, if you want to quit smoking, get out of a crappy relationship, or find a job that satisfies you…what plan will YOU create to resolve this energy of, shall I say, discontentment? What will you commit to do today that will assist you in finding your resolution to the dream you have? Or solving the conflict within? Or finding the answer to the part of your life that is bringing you discomfort?

May I suggest a few things dear friends? Ok, great! Glad you trust me. 😉IMG_0447

1. BELIEVE!  YOU have got to! YOU HAVE GOT TO BELIEVE in yourself.

“80 percent of success is due to psychology—mindset, beliefs, and emotions—and only 20 percent is due to strategy—the specific steps needed to accomplish a result”– Tony Robbins

2. EXERCISE! I will expand on the benefits of attaining our goals thru exercise next week! And I am not speaking of the benefits to your physical body.

“The real reason we feel so good when we get our blood pumping is that it makes the brain function at its best…building muscle and conditioning the heart and lungs are essentially side effects!” (Excerpt from the best book I have read in a while: Spark read it!)

3. Utilize Your Resources (friends, mentor, therapist, coach)

IMG_0724To make a picture clearer (in a complete “I only use my iPhone for photos” type of explanation) you need higher resolution. Zooming in only makes the image more blurry. Right RC? So, what do you do? You improve its LOW RESOLUTION!  Take the low resolution of 2014 and improve it’s quality to make it a deliberately created masterpiece. ZOOM in on all YOU desire 2015 to be. I am with you.

I believe in your gifts. Do you? From a boxer, to a comedian. From the waitress to the student. The Marine to the Police Officer. The Sales Rep to the Barista. We all have a voice inside us asking for a higher quality photo of our lives. This is your canvas! How are you going to paint it?


Tomorrow is still the first day of a 365 page book that you are writing….

Yes, it is January 11, not January 1st. That is ok. Flow here, Still Playin’ With it Readers. Allow yourself to create something radical today: 1.11.15.

In deepest love and admiration: Happy 2015! I am so proud of YOU!

Love, Peace and Clarity,


“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” Benjamin Franklin

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