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“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek.” Joseph Campbell


Dear Bali, thank you for all the gifts you gave me. As I expressed a few weeks ago in Look What I Found?! there were times, I truly felt stretched while traveling along through a foreign land. I am three weeks home and the memories, feelings and love I have for that journey are hard for me to express, as they are all so rich in ingredients. The people I met, the lessons I learned and the visions I saw. Amazing. During some of those stretching moments, I didn’t see them as beautiful. I saw them as scary, awkward, uncomfortable and at times painful. In hindsight, I found my cave…and I am so grateful for it. 10592777_10152829132012189_5039563355179949029_n

The above quote from Joseph Campbell was given to me in an email from my mentor. He said, “The universe told me to give this to you.” (Thank you Mr. S) As much as it resonated within me, I was already afraid of what I was being told. “No thank you, Universe. I am not in the mood to enter a cave, let alone one that I fear, no matter how FABULOUS this gift is. But thank you.”

As I paraded around Bali and truly since receiving that quote, I have been looking over my shoulder wondering when I was going to trip into this cave. Looking in front and around me, carefully maneuvering my steps like I am on a tight rope scared of falling into the trench.  Because you and I both know that I wasn’t going to skip and stroll in to it with open arms. A CAVE? Yikes. FEAR? NO thank you.

IMG_8907You may be thinking, “How can a magical land like Bali bring about or be the essence of a fearful cave?” Well, let me tell you StillPlayin’ With It fans. When we strip our lives of the inundation of technology, (link to Insta This) and remove the lists of tasks, people, events, and the propensity to rush from one thing to the other, you become pretty freakin’ vulnerable to what you ARE to hear. Whether you believe this message comes from God, the universe, angels, or your inner authentic self doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are listening with clarity and seeing with an immense amount of precision giving you all you need in that moment to witness the unfolding of a treasure. I am not sure I was ready. More that it was time, the quintessential time. And like a perfectly baked cake, the ingredients were all there.

IMG_3177I think I may be leaving you with some inquiry into what treasures I found and why I was scared. If you are reading this I am going to assume you are probably a human. (If you aren’t, PLEASE introduce yourself and let your friends know about Still Playin With It!) As a human, with a beautiful brain and mind, you have the ability to be aware and open to all that is in front of you. So, this isn’t about me…but about YOU. Ready to enter the cave? If not, that is ok. If so, find a little tour guide to support you.

Since returning from Bali, I have been attempting to lay a path towards my future, which is truly unknown. One of the gifts I received from this journey was listening to my inner voice and my heart. While in Bali, I received a job offer to move forward with a company I thought I wanted. I thought I “should” take this job. “Should” meaning we often “should” on ourselves without being aware of our true desire. My heart was saying NO! That was such a hard
10698555_10152847187962189_4873806508614807128_n decision to make, but I am glad I did. Thank you to all those that supported and encouraged me to follow my bliss in this process.

I was given an awesome opportunity to utilize some of lessons the cave taught me! I believe that we have the ability to do and be all we desire, especially if listening to your heart and minimizing the chatter of your brain. My bliss was not a part of this company or job at all. It was bringing constriction and fear. And at the perfect time, I watched Shawshank Redemption and heard this: “Some birds are not meant to be caged. Their wings are just too bright.”  Why force it? If you’re wings are bright, let them color the wind of your life and the lives of the people you are to touch. 🙂

This is my vision statement and I want it to align with my future calling and jobby job:

“To reach, teach and empower people to break through their fear, embrace change and live the life they desire to their utmost potential!”


I discussed in the video Bump, SET, Spike! about setting an intention. After turning down that job, I returned to my passion. I realized many of the reasons I was taking that job were fear based and not out of love. My passion, my bliss, is my love. If I was to make a decision around love, then I had to refine my focus, and set my intention on my true desire. I have taken steps and now have two offices I will be using to BUILD my private practice. I would be honored and delighted if you take a peek at, and “like” my Facebook page: Rebecca Laser Counseling. I want to be your tour guide. YOU have all the resources within you. I will just bring alonga head lamp and a space to use of self discovery.

I am open to the infinite possibilities of this life. Are you? I mean, we have all the resources we need internally and externally, if we are open to using them. Identify your resources right now. And enter that cave you fear…because I can tell you from experience, THERE ARE AMAZING TREASURES INSIDE. I PROMISE.


 “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” Benjamin Franklin


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