“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” –Benjamin Franklin

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Dearest Still Playin’ With It Readers and Followers,

It has been my honor and pleasure to have shared with you over the past 5 months. Don’t worry, I am not going anywhere…well, anywhere as a writer, at least. I just want to take a moment to thank you for reading. Therefore, I am dedicating this 25th post to YOU!! Some of you have read one. Some have read all 24. Whether you attempted a sentence or have followed each post, please know that my utmost gratitude is melting into the keyboard right now. With over 2,400 hits in 5 months, from twenty some countries, I am proud and speechless. Well, maybe not speechless. Definitely not wordless. 🙂images (5)

Still Playin’ With It came about as a gentle force of the universe. Numerous people had told me to write a blog. Simultaneously, life was bringing me many treasures. Treasures wrapped in what I thought was shit at the time. This “shit” has been the foundation of my platform to teach.  And with that, I decided to step out. Sometimes the only thing you need to get you where you want to be is a leap of faith. Still Playin With It is exactly that: a huge leap of faith and now it is my bliss!

From Inner-Tubing to Imatard. Uatard. Avatard,  I have enjoyed every bloody second. From Hero I Go to For The Love of Legos, I have blossomed as a person, let alone a writer. In the midst of Service and throughout How to Kick Ass In One Easy Step, my personal evolution has grown and sprouted pretty wings. You have been a part of A-Wake and thee heartbeat of Tootsie Rollin’. Thank YOU for Rockin the Vote and for Shakin, Rattlin, and Kickin (serious) ASS while holding my hand and my heart.

images (3)I would like to send gratitude and love to an inspirational writer. Thank you James Clear for sharing your vulnerability as a writer and teaching me through your words. My utmost respect and gratitude for igniting in me the courage to share with anyone, let alone with the entire world. For more on James Clear’s amazing writing, teaching and inspiration, visit his website and read the article that pushed me to “Lead at Scale”: Leadership at Scale (Why I Write).

For my family: you are the true essence of My-Me. I love you with a love that surpasses my body, soul and spirit combined.

For my friends who have not stopped believing in me nor my abilities: hold on to the reigns…it’s about to get wild…(wilder Natgeo. I promise!)

images (2)Typos, Punctuation, Grammar, OH MY! More Pictures! Less Pictures! Facebook, tweets, insta-crap, linked, pinned, and tumbled! I feel like I just got beaten to a pulp from writing that sentence (which wasn’t really a sentence at all, by definition.)  Thank you for your grace and patience with me as I continue to Still Play With It.  For perfect example: Why are some of these links I have attached purple and why are some blue? Why do some of my paragraphs get separated and others don’t? Why won’t that fucking picture move to the left like I am telling it to?! HA!!!! What a fun, and frustrating ride it IS! images (1)

As a writer, especially the writer of a blog, I am thrilled at the amount of awareness it has brought. I am constantly on the “look out” for inspiration. I find my ears perk up when I hear or read things I want to incorporate. I am hyper-sensitive to the words people that I respect are speaking. I am observant of all that is going on in my world. Being present allows THE RADDEST INFORMATION TO SHOW UP!

Mindfully learn, hear, and witness the world as it unfolds in front of your eyes. Listen to that small voice in your head that is igniting (link to Delta Delta Delta) a passion in you! AND FOLLOW YOUR BLISS PEOPLE! PLEASE!

I love the words I wrote in last weeks post:

“Que Sera Sera! Whatever will be…WILL BE! The futures not ours to see…but ours to create! So start dreaming!”


I have a ton of inspiration brewing in my pores…and I was thinking of adding some appetizers in this weeks post. I have decided I am going to wait…and let it percolate a little more. However, I will tell you this: I have sprinkled a few photos throughout this flow. These photos are of a place I will be traveling to in just over a week… Bali! I will be there for 15 days. I will be doing yoga, SCUBA diving, writing and being. Seeing what unfolds and reminiscing on the ride. I would love to be connected to each and every one of you on this trip. Accordingly, I ask you this: please take a moment to connect energetically with me. Pray for my adventures, my inspiration and my courage to follow my bliss. AND, I WILL see you on the flip side. Again, thank you.


ACTION                         TRUTH                    POWER                            JOY


GROUNDING              POSSIBILITY             FUN!!!


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