Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!” –Henry David Thoreau
 I see or have heard that a few of you moved into the land of “FOR-NOW!” Rad. Thank you for joining me in this magical space. It’s always better when accompanied by a tribe of amazing souls, who are open to admit, authentically, where they are FOR-NOW. For those of you that share with me how Still Playin With It (SPWI) is inspiring you, teaching you, and strengthening you…thank you! YOU inspire me, too (AL Parrish!) Please keep the conversations going by sharing the links on your Facebook page or simply sharing with me how SPWI made you think a little more, laugh a little harder, or accept your call to adventure!
WARNING! WARNING! This weeks blog: “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” is going to be brain stimulating, science filled, and neurologically explosive! If you are up for it…read on!
IMG_2028Wrapping up what we learned in Do Do or Doo Doo? Let’s look back at our Do-Do program…

Step 1: What do I DO, already?!  Step 2: What do I want to do and aren’t doing quite yet? Step 3: Identify a small path to get there?

So lets put a little more focus on Step 4…

Step 4: Focus on the feeling you want to have once you have accomplished your DO. I will feel energized. I will feel strong. I will feel accomplished. I will feel sexy, confident!

What are some feelings you want to experience once you set this action in motion? If this is difficult for you to dream of…DO IT, whatever “IT”! Then see how you feel, and go from there to create more of that feeling. Did it help you feel sexy? Confident? Strong? Motivated?
IMG_4627Now what does that feeling produce or where does that feeling come from? We know from Shake, Rattle and Kick ASS! that there are actual chemicals that our brain releases when we are moving our bodies. Endorphins burst out the gate when our bodies move. What are the ways to release the domino effect of Endorphins and Serotonin, you ask? How can I get that “runner’s high?” SEX and EXERCISE are two pretty damn good ways! Natural, body producing, magical chemicals INSIDE OF YOU! Not only are we giving our bodies and minds the magic of forward motion, but we get a natural high, of sorts, while doing “IT”! Truly a win win win!
6292Let’s put these feelings into MOTION PEOPLE!! Isaac Newton tells us to move our booties or our booties will stay stagnant. Newton’s First Law of Motion states, “An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.” Thus, an object will continue moving at its current velocity, whether actually in motion or at rest, until some force causes its speed or direction to change!

Huh? In SPWI terms: Start moving to stay moving! Objects (our bodies, too) tend to keep on doing what they are doing, in the absence of something that pressures it to become unsteady. Also, if something is at rest it will stay at rest unless acted on by differing stimuli. You are stagnant,
IMG_1945maybe even complacent…and then…you lose your job, you get dumped, the doctor tells you that you have high cholesterol…or you feel icky about the way your body looks, or feels most of the time…(all examples of an unbalanced force). Stop for a moment, take a deep breath, and ask yourself what this may be in your life?
The same holds true for those Spaces Between or the land of FOR-NOW. If you feel you are ready to move from this place you are at right now, you must make some forward movement, according to Newton, in order to continue moving.
LASTLY, HEAR THIS: That pesky “unbalanced force” is exactly what YOU NEED to move you out of FOR-NOW and into WHATS-NEXT! 🙂
Getting moving is the hardest part of your journey…and the most rewarding. 

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