Here you go Bruce…


News. News. News. Why is The News called News? Because it is the same crap over and over and over again. It isn’t new. It is old. It is used. It should be called Monotony.

Monotony according to Sir Webster means: lack of variety and interest; tedious repetition and routine.                         Sounds like “News” to me.

Got some news in my life last night… My divorce is officially over. And listen to this, one year to the DAY. From the day I originally filed, to the day the judge or whomever the hell it is in this state that officially stamps that shit…1 year. Or… 365 days, 365  sunrises and sunsets, 365 perfectly webbed opportunities for me to keep playin’ with it.

The official notice that our divorce was accepted, if you will, was News. The Monotony came in to play when I looked back over the past year, year and a half of being separated, recognizing this energy that had been the source of my jet stream. It’s as if through all the amazing adventures, trips and learning experiences I have had in the last 12 months, there had been this crop dust of energy around me. It can be easy, or comfortable  to let the Monotony of the News remain. It literally was as if I needed to said out loud, “Rebecca it is done!” Because, readers, we all have patterns and experiences that we are used to, that we vibrate in, that we accept as truth and even hold on to white-knuckled…

White knuckled. Ha. That reminds me of a conversation my friend Matt and I were having the other night. We were reminiscing and chuckling about tubing behind a boat when we were in high school. The asshole driving, which was usually my dad, would circle until we were flailing our bodies sideways off the tube hoping to not be skimmed across the lake like a rock. Yet, in actuality we were being beaten, while skimming across the lake. Why didn’t we let go?! What the hell? And if you are in the boat watching all this…fucking hilarious. Hit the wake that was being created by the tornado like hole dad was using as a prop of abuse, and fly! We would catch so much air… then land, and be beaten. But don’t you dare let go you little pansy. Such wonderful entertainment and summertime memories.

Ok, back to the “white-knuckles” of our experiences…First, recognize. I recognized throughout this journey that there was this unseen, unspoken, transparent cloud that I was ready to be out of! And now, I recognize that it is done and I don’t want to or need to let the past fart vapors, (ha), catapult me any longer. Recognize. As if saying, Hmmmm, this energy I am feeling, this vibration I am experiencing ties into the old Monotony. And like I do with the News…turn the channel.  Check in with that vibration, that energy and let it go. Like when your ego and hands have finally said it is time to let go of this god-forsaken inner tube we are riding across the lake of life.

Now, go find your own personal inner tube and rock that shit!

Thank you for hearing me. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to share in a little nugget of mine.

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