No, not on wine. Soon enough. I am buzzed from writing. As I set up my blog yesterday, I felt this buzz inside of me that one gets when they are experiencing something exciting. Adrenaline maybe.  Like when you walk across the street towards the house of a guy you like and the closer you get, the more excited you get, and your heart starts thumpin a little faster, and your breath becomes a little heavier and your hands may even shake a little. Love that feeling! Right?!

Or… when you are at the top of the zip line about to explore the canopies of Costa Rica from 1000 feet up. All you have on is a camel-toe giving harness, a sexy helmet and a pulley. But for some freaking reason you can’t wait to shoot out over the jungle and feel that rush! (I attached a pics of me and my girlfriend from our Costa trip preparing to soar the skies over the jungle Superman style last March). That was my experience yesterday as I set this darn thing up and wrote my first blog entry. As well,  I was excited that I figured out how to get this thing going all on my own. I consider myself a teeny weeny bit slow (short bus status) when it comes to the web, computer, and social media stuff. So, this was a huge accomplishment!

I recently started following this guy names James Clear. Not like a stalker, but in his emails. My brother introduced me to him. He does wonderful work. Check him out, Anyways, his article today was on writing: “Leadership at Scale (why I write)” is the title. So I read on. It felt like one of those days when I was sitting in church and I swore god herself (teehee, that’ll get some of ya) was speaking directly to me from the pulpit.

James wrote: 

“For over a year, I didn’t have the courage to share my work. I wrote in a private document. I played it safe and tried to shield my words from criticism and judgment. Eventually, I decided that it was more important to contribute something to the world than it was to protect myself from criticism. I started to see being a writer as a way of being a leader by taking a stand for the things I believed in, sharing my mission, and rallying the people who believed the same things I believed.

We all have words inside of us — words that could change the world, words that could entertain and delight, words that could teach and improve — but these words can only unleash their power when shared. That’s why I write every week and it’s why I believe that the world needs more people to find the courage to make their work public.

Share your work. Share your writing. Make it public. Find a way to lead at scale.”

Thank you James for reminding me how important it is to be vulnerable as a writer…that it takes courage to be a leader. Thank you for challenging me to be me.

Take home message today to my readers:

Vulnerability…real, raw, authentic vulnerability is what allows each of us to connect to one another.

Are you ready to connect? Therefore, are YOU ready to be vulnerable?


Thank you for hearing me. Love to you all.

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